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How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Video banaunu Hunchha Ra Tiktok, Youtube And Facebook Ko Lagi Slow Motion Video Banauna Chahanu Hunchha Vane, Tapaile Kinemaster Apps Use Garera Easy Tarikale Banauna Saknu Hunchha. Fast Motion Video Laai Slow Motion Banaune Easy Method Yas Post Vitra Paauna Saknuhunchha. Kinemaster Video Editing Ko lagi King Ho, Yadi Tapaile Youtube Ko laagi Video Editing Garnuhunchha Vane Sayad Kinemaster Nai Use Garnuhunchha. Dherai Jaso Youtuber Le Kinemaster Professional Tarikale Use Garchhan. Kinemaster Ko Baaremaa Thuprai Post, Articles Banisakrkaa Chhan And Youtube Maa Pani Yasko Charchaa Dherai Chha. So Guys Aajako Yas Articles Maa Slow Motion Video banauna Sikchhau.

Follow Step

1) Download Kinemaster Apps 

Direct Download Link Click Here

Kinemaster Download Garnu Bhayako Chhaina Vane Tapai Mathiko Link Baata Download Garna Saknu hunchha. Jo Tapailaai Easy Paros Vanera Direct Link Diyako Chha. Mathiko Link Bata Download Garnuhos. Aba Tapaile Kinemaster Chalauna Jannu Parne Hunchha. Yadi Kinemaster Ko Barema Thaha Xaina Vane Ma Yas Articles Vitra Basic Jankari Dine Chhu.

2) Simple Video In Mobile Camera

Tapaile Aaphno Phone Baata Video Shot Garnuhos. Jun Video Tapaile Slow Motion Banauna Chahanu Hunchha. Video Camera le Shot Garirakesi Aba Tapaile Kinemaster Use Garera Video Laai Slow Motion Banauna Saknuhunchha. Aba Tapai Kinemaster Open Garnuhos And Talako Step Follow Garnuhos.

3) Kinemaster Use 

Slow Motion Banaunako Laagi Tapaile Kinemaster Open Garera Tapaile Tala Diyako Step Follow garnuhos.

Click + icon ( Kinemaster Open Garisakesi Tyaha Tapailaai + icon Dekhinchha Tyasmaa Click Garnuhos.

How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Choose Video Resolution ( Aba Tapailaai Tyaha 3 Resolution Diyako Hunchha. Tiktok Ko lagi 9:16, Youtube Suitable Ko Laagi 16:9, 1:1 Facebook Anya Kurako laagi Use Garna Saknuhunchha. Eutalaai Choose Garnuhos.

How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Media ( Media Maa Click Garera Tapaile Slow Motion Banauna Chaheko Video Laai Import Garnuhos.
How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Click Video ( Kinemaster Timeline Maa Aayako Video Laai Click Garnuhos L, Yasari Tapaile Click Garera Tyaha Video Option Dekhna Saknuhune Chaa. jasko Madatle Tapaile Apphno Video Laai Slow Motion Banauna Saknu Hunchha. 
How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Click Speed Control Option ( Video Laai Kati Slow Motion Banaune Vanera Tapaile Yasbata Manage Garna Saknuhunchha. 0.25X, 0.5X, Yasari Aaphno Video Lai Slow Motion Banauna Saknuhunxa. 

How to Slow Motion Video On Kinemaster

Yasmaa Kunai Dough Vaya Tala Comment Garna Saknuhunchha. 

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