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Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Home Ma Tapaile Aaphno Old Phone Use Garera Easy Tarikale CCTV Camera Banauna Saknu Hunchha. Aaphno Gharma Shreemati, xora, Xori, Ko Barema Sabai activity haru Herna Ko Lagi Old Phone ko Use Garna Saknu Hunchha. Yadi Tapaile security ko laagi upaya khojdai Hununxa Vane Best Tips Nai Old Phone Lai CCTV Camera Ko Rupma Use Garnuhos. aaphno Shreemati, Gf, Ko Barema Sabai Jankari Paauna Saknu Hunchha. gharma Kunai Pani Paisaa Kharcha Nagarera Tapai Ko Old Phone Lai CCTV camera Easy Tarikale Banauna Saknuhunchha. Mobile lai KunaibThauma Basaldinuhos Jasko Video l, Photo Tapaile Aaphno Arko Phone Ma Herna Saknuhunchha. Yadi Tapaiko gf Kohi Aru Sang Kura Garxin Vane, Room Or Home Ma Abasya CCTV Camera Banayara Rakhna Saknuhhnchha.

Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

CCTV Camera

Bazzar Ma CCTV Camera Kinera Paisa Kharcha Garnu Ko Matlav Tapai Lai technology sambandhi Gyan Chhain. yadi Tapai technology Laai Agadi Badaunu Hunchha Vane, technology Use Garnu Hunchha Vane, Kunai Pani Kura Aaphno Gharma Basi Basi Sucess Chha. Aaja Ma Tapailai Gharma Kasari CCTV Camera Banaune Yas Articles Maa Janna Saknu Hunchha. Yas Post Ma Old Phone Maa Same Email Ko Karan And Euta Apps Use Garera Video Camera Lai On Maa Rakhera Talai Aaphno Phone Maa Live Sab Thok Herna Saknu Hunchha.

Make Home CCTV Camera

Tapai Sang Kunai Pani Old Android Phone Chha Vane Tyas Phone Ko Use Garera Gharma CCTV camera Banauna Saknu Hunchha. jaba Tapai Ghar bahira jada Aaphno Family Le K activity garchhan Jaannako Laagi Tapaile Yo Method Apanauna Saknu Hunechha. Kunai pani android Phone Vaya Tyo Phone Ko prayog Cctv Banauna Tala Diyaka Step Follow Garnuhos.

Download Apps (Make Your Old Phone As Home security Camera)

Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Open And Setup Apps

Tapaile Mathi Diyako Apps Download Garnu Parne Gunchha Yadi Download Garnu Vayako Chhaina vane Download Garnuhos. Download Garisakesi Open Garera Setup Garnuhos.
Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Allow All Permission And Agree to All Agrement

Software Open Garesi Tapailai dherai Prakarka Permission and Agreement Aauchhan, Ti Sabai Laai Allow And Agree Garera Apps Ko Home Page Maa Pugnu Hos. tala Diyako Image Herea Tapailai Easy Hunechha...Tapaile Apps Lai Setup garna ko laagi skip button lai use Garna Saknu Hunchha. yasma Rahera sabai Permission And Agrement Laai Follow Gardai Jaanuhos.

Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali


1. Install Seecitv On The Second Android Phone Device.

2. Login With Same Gmail Id On Second Device. After this, The Device Will Be added and shown on the device list menu.
Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

3. Turn On Camera Mode By using on-camera button on the top right corner of screen at the first device.

4. Go to device list-menu and click the Play button at the first device to watch a live video.
Make Home Security CCTV Camera In Nepali

Mathi diyaka Sabai Kura laai Bujhnu Vayo Vane tapai Aaphno Gharma Easy tarikale cctv camera banauna saknu hunchha.

Jasko lagi tapai sang Same gmail Hunu parne Hunchha. Ani Android Phone huna Jaruri Chha. Euta phone maa Camera Button Open Gardinu Parxa. Ani Arko Phone Ma Tyo Video Play garera Live tarikale Herna Saknu Hunchha.

Yadi Yas Home Make CCTV banauna ma kunai Pani Dough Vaya Tala Raheko Comment garera Januhos... Maya Garnuhos....

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